Hi, I’m Marj.

I’m a multimedia designer currently working in video and graphic design at Whova.

My goals for 2022 are to transfer my digital design experience to become more skilled with print. Currently, my favorite types of projects involve organizing information (UI design, flyers, etc.), but my goal is to push my visual creativity (with logo design or brand identity). Working with various non-profits throughout the past year has helped me explore these different avenues while applying designs to different kinds of brands.

I love to CREATE in general whether it be producing music, making travel videos, coding a website, and - of course - creating designs. On the other side, I enjoy getting lost in the world of video games created by other artists. I love to create in and interact with digital space and tools, which is why I call myself a Techreator!

Thanks for visiting my site!

I’m Marj, nice to meet you! I call myself a “Techreator” because I express myself through digital mediums. I create travel videos and produce R&B music. As a consumer, I immerse myself in the worlds of video games. I love the potential that comes with learning new skills - I’m currently practicing digital art and motion design.

Hifi visual work is my favorite part of the design process. Being able to transform information and shape its expression is a challenge I look forward to with each flow.